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Premier Agent on StreetEasy

Q: What is Premier Agent on StreetEasy?

A: Premier Agent is Zillow Group’s nationwide agent advertising program that connects real estate agents with active home shoppers and provides unique tools to help manage and grow their business. Previously only available on Zillow and Trulia, StreetEasy will now be part of the Premier Agent program, which will debut on March 1st in New York City. Agents will have the opportunity to become Premier Agents and purchase leads on New York City for-sale listings within a selection of ZIP codes. Premier Agents can effectively reach home shoppers on StreetEasy, Zillow, and Trulia all through one platform.


Q: How does Premier Agent work?

A: Premier Agents set a budget in one or more of the 89 ZIP codes covering NYC and will receive a proportional share of leads from home shoppers inquiring about for-sale listings. The lead volume will fluctuate based on supply and demand in the specific ZIP codes and agents can adjust their budgets accordingly. Participating Premier Agents will receive support through a variety of exclusive customer and lead management tools.

Q: How does this change StreetEasy for-sale listings?

A: Nothing will change on for-sale listings and contact experience for logged-in agents, new development listings and premium luxury listings ($10M+). However, consumers viewing resale and non-luxury listings will see a new contact box in which they can select either the Premier Agent or the seller’s agent to learn more about the property.


Q: Will the faces of Premier Agents appear on for-sale listings like I have seen on Zillow and Trulia?

A: No, we will not display agent headshots, agent reviews or agent ratings on for-sale listings. However, if a home shopper chooses to contact a Premier Agent through the contact form, they will be shown that agent’s information after contact is made.


Q: Does the Premier Agent program impact rental listings?

A: No, Premier Agent only applies to for-sale inventory.


Q: If I am the seller’s agent, will I receive any leads from my exclusive sales listings?

A: Yes, seller’s agents continue to receive all leads from agents as well as from home shoppers who choose to contact the listing agent.


Q: If I am the seller’s agent, can I “buy out” my for-sale listing to receive all the leads?

A: No, there is no option to buy out a listing.


Q: Is this replacing Building Experts?

A: No, the Building Experts programs will remain the same. Agents participating in these programs will still receive leads on StreetEasy building pages.


Q: Has anything changed with StreetEasy PRO?

A: No, there are no changes to the StreetEasy PRO program.


Q: Do I pay for Premier Agent on StreetEasy?

A: No, agents must purchase Premier Agent on Zillow. Building Experts, Featured Listings and Pro are still purchased via the StreetEasy platform.


Q: Where can I learn more about purchasing Premier Agent?

A: Agents can contact a Premier Agent sales executive at 855-217-1329 to learn more about the program and whether it is right for them.


Q: Can I buy Premier Agent on StreetEasy anywhere in New York?

A: No, Premier Agent on StreetEasy is only available within the 89 ZIP codes in and around New York City. Outside of these ZIP codes, there will be no Premier Agent on StreetEasy. Agents interested in Premier Agent outside of these 89 ZIP codes can buy it on Zillow and Trulia only.


Q: When I buy Premier Agent on StreetEasy, do I also get exposure on Zillow and Trulia? Can I buy Premier Agent on StreetEasy only?

A: Yes, agents buying Premier Agent on StreetEasy will also get exposure on Zillow and Trulia within the 89 ZIP codes. Premier Agent is a network program and cannot be purchased on individual sites.


Q: Do I get phone leads with Premier Agent on StreetEasy?

A: Yes, agents will also receive phone leads.


Q: What is Premier Agent Concierge?

A: Agents will have the support of Zillow Group’s U.S.-based response center, which will initiate immediate responses to contacts and help screen incoming StreetEasy, Zillow and Trulia lead.


Q: What is the Premier Agent App?

A: The Premier Agent App is a free app that will help agents track and manage all StreetEasy, Zillow and Trulia contacts, provide tools for team support, leverage lead notifications and use quick-response and lead reporting features.


Q: I'm currently a Premier Agent on Zillow and Trulia in NYC, will I start getting StreetEasy leads on 3/1/2017?

A: Yes, current Premier Agents will start receiving StreetEasy leads for all 89 ZIP codes.


Still have questions and want to learn more? Please contact a Premier Agent sales executive at 855-217-1329.