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How do I add listings manually through my Streeteasy agent account?

What is Manual Posting?

Manual posting is an option available to specific agents on StreetEasy. It allows them to submit rental and sales listings onto the site directly, without having to submit them through a company feed.

If your brokerage does not send listings to StreetEasy through an automated data feed, and you have been given access to manually post listings this article, and the video below, is for you.

Posting Listings

1. Log in to your StreetEasy Agent Account

2. Select 'Agent Tools' and then 'My Listings'

3. Select 'Add New Sale' or 'Add New Rental'

4. Fill out the information fields

5. Agree to Terms of Use and Submit!

Watch our video tutorial below:

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Customer Support Team at: support@streeteasy.com or 888.561.0430.

If you would like to download this video tutorial, please click on the link below: