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How do I add my listings to StreetEasy?

There are several ways to get your listings added to StreetEasy. If you are an individual owner, you can post both rentals and sales listings. Here are the links to post:

List a Rental by Owner

List a Sale by Owner

If you are a broker or management company, scroll down to the bottom of any page on StreetEasy to find the Submit Your Listings link. Fill in the requested fields and we will work with you to get your listings up, which may include, sending us an automated feed, or manually entering your listings onto our site.

Please note that we only accept rentals listings that are exclusive or co-exclusive (i.e., listings that are shared by two brokerages). Multiple listing agents can be shown on a single listing, but there should never be more than one copy of an active listing being advertised by the same firm. The only time there should be two copies of the same unit, is when there is a legitimate co-exclusive between two different brokerages. In the case of a co-exclusive, each brokerage will have its own separate listing for the specified unit. If more than two brokerages share a listing, then we consider it a limited or open listing. These types of listings are currently not permitted for advertisement on StreetEasy.

If you attempt to post an open or limited listing, or a fake listing, it can lead to the suspension of your account (i.e., suspicious listings, duplicate posts, fake images, or we receive user complaints regarding your listings). In the majority of cases, you will receive an email from StreetEasy that asks you to provide a copy of the exclusive agreement.

When asked to provide an exclusive agreement, please do so within the specified timeframe in order to keep your listing advertised on StreetEasy. Our support team is always happy to help you determine the exclusivity of your listings and its suitability for inclusion on StreetEasy.

The exclusive agreement must include the following and be sent to us on your company or the management company’s official letterhead:

  • Property address
  • Terms that clearly state this is an exclusive right to rent/lease
  • Brokerage/Agent representing the owner
  • Date this agreement is valid through
  • Signature from both parties entering agreement

In order to maintain the most up-to-date information on StreetEasy, it is crucial that you know and understand our definition of limited and open listings, and adhere to our guidelines. We invite you to submit your questions and comments to our Support Team.

For further information, please read our full Listing Quality Policy.