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How do I "claim" buy-side deals on StreetEasy?

Showcase your experience on your profile page and get more visibility by claiming your deals. To claim your deals, you need to be a registered user and logged into your StreetEasy account. Navigate to the closing page of a property to claim deals as far back as 2004 for co-ops and 1995 for condos.

Here is how to navigate to the Closing page:

1. Search for the building address from the search field on the home page
2. Click and open the Building page
3. Go to the “Past & Activity” tab, click on the “Recorded Closing Price” in the column to the left of the Listing Price
4. Now you are on the Closing Page! Click on “Claim This Deal”
5. A pop up will prompt you to confirm that you were a part of that deal. Be sure to select the correct company you were associated with at time the deal was closed
6. You’re all set!

You can also get to the Closings Page by searching for the buyers or sellers name.

If you have any general questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@streeteasy.com. We are also available to Real Estate Professionals over chat from 9:00-4:00. Please be sure you are logged into your Agent account and maneuver to any web page in 'Agent Tools'.