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What can I search for on StreetEasy?

StreetEasy is New York City’s leading resource for sales listings, rentals listings, and historical data, which is why it is the No. 1 real estate destination for renters, buyers, sellers and agents searching for NYC apartments!

StreetEasy has both Sale and Rental listings and lets you search these listings using our comprehensive search capabilities. You can do a basic search using a location, price and apartment size or you can do an advanced search using amenities, proximity to transportation, school zones, estimated monthly payments and much more. The additional search criteria can be found under the “Advanced Options” button. We also give the option to search for buildings that fit the type of building you are looking for (e.g. Doorman buildings, Green buildings, Buildings with elevators, Buildings with parking, etc)

We also have a keyword search box to help you quickly find information on buildings, schools, agents, neighborhoods and recorded sales. The keyword search box is on the StreetEasy home page underneath the traditional search form. We also have a quick search box, which is located on the upper right hand side of every page. The quick search box shares the same functionality as the keyword search box. Using the keyword search or the quick search you can search for the following:

Street Addresses
Recorded Sales