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What do I get as a Pro Agent on StreetEasy?


The StreetEasy Pro account is a premium account for Real Estate Agents, created to help promote the Agent both on StreetEasy as well as outside of StreetEasy. We’re constantly thinking of new features to add to the Pro account, but here’s what you get right now:

1) Enhanced Profile Page – As a regular user, your agent profile page only has the ability to display your name, contact information, the company you’re affiliated with, an agent bio, and the current listings you have on the market. With a StreetEasy Pro Account, you also get an Activity Tab and Buildings Tab.

* The Activity Tab displays any activity you’ve had on StreetEasy. Activity types include: price changes, new listings, status updates to listings, entries made into the StreetEasy Discussion Boards, and also newly added open houses.
* The Buildings Tab displays all buildings where you've closed recent deals. 

2) A personalized URL for your Profile Page – Boost your personal brand SEO! As a regular user, your profile page’s URL is a generically generated URL. With a StreetEasy Pro account, you get to personalize it just the way you want. Instead of having the URL as streeteasy.com/profile/434545262-John-Doe, you can make it streeteasy.com/JohnDoe. By doing this, your chances of coming up on the first page of results for an internet search (such as Google) is greatly increased. This is a great way to increase your exposure on the Internet in general!

3) 20% discount on Featured Listings – Featuring listings is an important factor when it comes to getting your listings rented/sold quickly. As a StreetEasy Pro agent, you’ll get a 20% discount whenever you feature one of your listings. If you do that math, featuring 4 listings while having a Pro account saves you enough money to feature a fifth one for the same price as featuring 4 listings without a Pro account. Featuring listings increase your exposure on StreetEasy, which leads to more business!

4) StreetEasy Pro Branding throughout StreetEasy.com – As a StreetEasy Pro user, you’ll get that beautiful PRO badge next to your name everywhere on the site. Consumers will be able to quickly tell that you’re a Real Estate Professional with this badge. We’ve also noticed that consumers view StreetEasy Pro Agent Profiles more often than regular agent profiles.

For more information click on the link below! 

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