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How do I get a 3D floor plan?

3-D floor plans are part of our Featured Listings advertising program. After an agent features a listing that meets the following criteria, we will automatically submit an order for one and add it to the listing when it arrives.

1. The listing is located in NYC  
2. Single-floor unit – no duplexes, townhouses etc.
3. Only one 2-D floor plan provided (we don't know which 2-D floorplan to use if you submit more than one)

If your listing meets all of the above, please wait 24-48 hours after you’ve signed your listing up for a Featured Listing. The 3-D floor plan will automatically publish on the listing page, no extra steps are necessary for you.

On average, it take 24 hours (not including weekends) for the floor plan to process and upload to StreetEasy.

Please reach out to StreetEasy Support for more information.

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