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NYC Rental Network FAQ

What is the NYC Rental Network?

The NYC Rental Network provides real estate professionals with access to the largest audience of renters in New York City. For an advertising fee of $3 per listing, per day, NYC real estate professionals can advertise their rental listings across StreetEasy, Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads. In addition to receiving 100% of their leads from the network, real estate professionals will also enjoy enhanced reporting and enhanced contact box branding (including a photo).

Topics covered in this article include:

How does the NYC Rental Network work?

When an agent enters their credit card information to 'opt-in' their listings into the NYC Rental Network, they agree to advertise all of their active rental listings across the NYC Rental Network (StreetEasy, Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads) for a fee of $3 per listing, per day.

How do I 'opt-in' to the NYC Rental Network?

To 'Opt-in' to the NYC Rental Network click here.

You will be prompted to log in to your StreetEasy account and enter your selected payment information. Once you've opted in you will now have the ability to advertise your listings throughout the NYC Rental Network.

How do I pay for rental listings?

In order to 'opt-in' you need to enter a valid credit or debit card to associate with your StreetEasy account. You can access your payment by clicking on 'Billing' in your 'Agent Tools' drop-down. You will see the ability to add or edit your debit, prepaid, or credit card information.

How does billing work? Will my card be charged automatically?

Agents will receive one bill and charge to their credit card on file at the beginning of each month for advertising fees incurred in the previous month. More detail on the number of advertising fees incurred in a month can be found in 'Billing' in the 'Agent Tools' drop-down.

What if an agent team is marketing a rental – which team member will you ask to pay? Who will get the lead?

For feed listings with multiple contacts on the listing; the first agent listed on the feed who has opted in will be charged. For manual postings; the paying agent needs to be selected. By default, the agent creating the listing will be selected as the billable agent for manual listings. All agents associated with the listing will receive StreetEasy leads, and the paying agent will receive leads from all four Network sites. All agents can view listing performance in Agent Tools.   

Can I pay for only some of my listings?

No. Once you 'opt-in' to advertise a rental listing on the NYC Rental Network, either through a feed or manual posting, agents opt in to advertise and pay for all of their active rental listings, current, and future. If agents do not want to be charged for a listing, they can remove it from the feed or from their manually posted listings.

How do my rental listings get posted on the NYC Rental Network?

How you submit listings to StreetEasy will remain the same: listings will come through a feed or be posted manually on StreetEasy, but both will require that an agent submit credit card information and 'opt-in' to the Terms of Use before the listing is advertised and searchable by renters.

How do I receive leads from my rental listings on the NYC Rental Network?

The way in which an agent receives leads from StreetEasy will not change. If multiple agents are associated with a listing, all agents associated with the listing will receive StreetEasy leads. The paying agent will receive leads from all four Network sites.  

What is included in the new enhanced reporting?

The new enhanced reporting portal launches in late July and enables agents to track listing performance including search views, listings views and contact volume by day. It also allows the agent to see the impact featuring a listing provides. Where can it be seen/accessed?

Will the NYC Rental Network Accept Open Listings?

The StreetEasy Listings Quality Policy will not change with the launch of the NYC Rental Network.