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Innovations to Premier Agent

We’ll be rolling out innovations to Premier Agent across the U.S. throughout 2018.

We’re connecting you live with buyers and sellers who are ready to talk to you. Chasing down leads and trying to find that extra hour in the day to follow up is on us. We’ll call you with leads who are ready to talk, so you can focus on building relationships at “hello.”


Q: Why is Zillow Group making these changes to Premier Agent?

A: With today’s on-demand economy, home shoppers expect immediate responses to their inquiries. Directly connecting you with validated leads by phone is our solution to meet home shopper expectations while giving you the quality leads your business needs to thrive.


Q: How will this new version of Premier Agent work?

A: After a home buyer or seller makes an inquiry on a StreetEasy, Zillow, or Trulia listing (and later RealEstate.com), we’ll verify the lead is actively looking to buy or sell and not yet working with an agent. We’ll then call you directly to connect you to this validated lead.

When you answer our call, we’ll ask if you’re available to talk. If you accept, we’ll introduce you to your new connection and transfer the call to you. Also, an automatic My Agent relationship is established, so you’ll appear as the only buyer’s agent on all for-sale listings viewed by the connection.

If you miss the call, we’ll try the next agent as determined by Premier Agent Advertising share of voice. Don’t worry — we'll try you again with the next connection opportunity. Ultimately, we'll serve you connections in proportion to your share of voice.


Q: How are connections different than the leads I’ve been receiving?

A: A connection is a validated lead we have directly introduced you to by phone. Your connection is strengthened with an automatic My Agent relationship, so you’ll appear as the only buyer’s agent on all for-sale listings viewed by the connection.


Q: What is a validated lead?

A: Validated leads aren’t just any leads — a lead is validated to ensure they’re ready to work with you. We define a validated lead as a home shopper who is:

  • actively looking to buy or sell a home
  • not yet working with an agent
  • ready to speak to an agent


Q: What does this mean for me?

A: With this new process, we’ll directly connect you with validated home shoppers by phone. Instead of chasing leads, you have more time to focus on what matters – building relationships.


Q: What will I need to do differently?

A: All you need to do is answer our calls. In order to get the most out of your Premier Agent Advertising investment, you should aim to answer our calls at least 75 percent of the time. If you do miss a call, you won’t lose your place in the queue, and we'll try you again with the next connection opportunity.


Q: Will my lead volume change?

A: Yes, your lead volume may change; however, you’ll continue to receive leads in proportion to your Premier Agent Advertising share of voice. We’re now focusing on quality over quantity. Each lead you receive will be validated, ready to speak to you and directly connected to you by phone.


Q: When will this be available in my area?

A: We will be rolling this out across the U.S. throughout 2018. Check to see if lead validation is available in your ZIP code or call your Premier Agent Business Consultant.


Q: Will this new version of Premier Agent be available for all Zillow Group sites?

A: These changes currently affect leads submitted on StreetEasy, Zillow, and Trulia. RealEstate.com will be added at a later date.


Q: What happens to duplicate leads?

A: We’re cleaning up duplicate leads. When we receive duplicate leads (i.e., a single home shopper who submits multiple inquiries on multiple properties without selecting a specific agent), we bundle them together and give them to a single agent.


Q: How do you determine which agent to call?

A: When a home shopper clicks “Contact Agent,” we immediately start working to connect them directly to a Premier Agent or team based on Premier Agent Advertising share of voice. If an agent misses this call, we then call the next Premier Agent — until we successfully make a connection.


Q: What happens to leads who specifically select me from the agent finder on Zillow and Trulia (not available on StreetEasy)?

A: On Zillow and Trulia, if a home shopper selects you from the agent finder, we will attempt to directly connect you over the phone. That lead is yours even if you miss our call. We won’t send that lead to another agent. We’ll send you notices with contact and follow-up information.


Q: How will you contact me?

A: When we have a validated lead who is ready to speak with you, we call the phone number associated with your agent account. We’ll call you from (206) 539-0456. We recommend you (and your team members if you’re a team leader) save this number as a contact in your phone.


Q: What if I miss a call?

A: We know you don’t want to be tied to your phone. If you miss our call, don’t worry. You won’t lose your place in the queue, and we will call you with the next potential connection.


Q: What if I never answer a call?

A: You don’t have to answer every call. However, to receive your Premier Agent Advertising share of voice, you should aim to answer 75 percent of our calls. You will receive the leads who specifically select you regardless of whether or not you answer our call.


Q: What happens when I answer a call?

A: When you answer our call, we have a validated lead who is ready to speak to you. You’ll hear a recorded message asking if you’d like to connect. If you accept, we’ll give you information about the home shopper then transfer you to your new connection. If you decline, we’ll send the next potential connection to you.


Q: Between what hours will you call me with potential connections?

A: We’ll call you with validated leads within your time zone’s normal business hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Q: What notifications will I receive about a new connection?

A: When you accept our call, you’ll receive a text with contact info and property details. After we introduce you to your connection, you’ll receive a Premier Agent App push notification and the connection will show up in your Premier Agent CRM’s inbox.


Q: When will a My Agent relationship be created and for how long?

A: When you answer our call and speak with a new connection, a My Agent relationship is automatically established and will last for 30 days. With My Agent, you will be the only buyer’s agent listed when your connection visits a listing on StreetEasy, Zillow or Trulia. Unique to StreetEasy, the next time that connection visits the site or app, they’ll see an onsite message with your information making sure you know the person you connected with is a buyer’s agent.

You may send your connection an invitation to extend the relationship. Note: you must send an invitation for each platform. The My Agent relationship does not currently carry over between brands.


Q: How will these changes to Premier Agent impact teams?

A: Team members will receive validated leads based on the routing rules you’ve set up on our Premier Agent CRM. Without routing rules set up, we will not know which specific team member to call. We recommend using broadcast routing for both email and phone leads. With broadcast, we’ll simultaneously call up to five agents on your team. The first agent to answer and accept gets the connection. Learn more here.


Q: Can my team continue using an Inside Sales Agent (ISA)?

A: Yes, you may still leverage your ISA. We recommend using your ISA to strengthen the relationship after a team member makes a new connection by following up with that connection on the team member’s behalf. If your ISA typically fields every lead, be sure they manually assign each lead to the correct team member so that the proper My Agent relationship is established. Learn more here.


Q: I already use Premier Agent Concierge. How is this different?

A: Premier Agent Concierge will still validate that the lead is actively looking to buy or sell a home and ready to speak to an agent, but will now connect you live by phone.


Q: If I already use Concierge, will you continue scheduling appointments for me?

A: No, we will no longer schedule appointments for Premier Agents with this new process.


Q: Will the Concierge feature ‘Respond First’ still work?

A: No. Because we are directly transferring validated leads to you, Respond First will be disabled.


Q: How do I know I'm getting what I paid for?

A: The number of leads sent to you will still be based on your Premier Agent Advertising share of voice. We will also email you a monthly report that shows you the total number of incoming leads, as well as attempted and successful connections.


Q: May I opt out and receive leads as before?

A: No. Premier Agents may not opt out of this new process. By directly connecting you with validated leads, we’re saving you time and helping you build relationships.


Q: What happens to leads who aren’t validated?

A: We will continue to work with leads who are not ready to speak to an agent. They will only be connected to an available Premier Agent once we determine they’re ready.  


Q: Will Tech Connect and my third-party CRMs still work?

A: Yes, if your team is using our Tech Connect program for third-party CRMs, leads will be sent to those tools after a connection has been made. Reevaluate these third-party routing rules or other customer workflow options within your CRMs so they don’t conflict with the routing rules you have set up on our platform. We’re upgrading Tech Connect so that when you use our routing rules or manually assign a validated lead to an agent, those assignments will flow down to any linked CRMs.


Q: Will my auto-responders, bots and third-party call centers still work?

A: Auto-responders, bots, and third-party call centers will no longer work properly for StreetEasy, Zillow, or Trulia leads that you are connected with through phone calls. If you choose to continue using third-party services, make sure the follow-up calls or messages reflect that you’ve already spoken to this connection.


If you have any general questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@streeteasy.com.