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For Rent By Owner (FRBO) FAQ

What is a For Rent By Owner (FRBO) listing?

A For Rent By Owner (FRBO) listing is a listing that can be purchased by an owner or tenant looking to advertise his/her rental listing on StreetEasy. A FRBO listing gives you the ability to add and manage your listing on StreetEasy for potential tenants to view and inquire about.

Topics covered in this article include:

How do I submit a For Rent By Owner listing?

If you're an owner or tenant and would like to post a For Rent By Owner (FRBO) listing on StreetEasy, please click on the following link to learn more: Rent Your Property Faster With Our Owner Tools

Click 'Get Started' to start creating your For Rent By Owner listing on StreetEasy.

I am looking for a roommate. Can I advertise a For Rent By Owner listing on StreetEasy to attract potential roommates?

No. StreetEasy does not allow roommate/room share advertisements at this time. Listings must be for the entire unit.

What is the cost to advertise a For Rent By Owner listing on StreetEasy?

There are two options available for purchase for For Rent By Owner listings on StreetEasy:

  • $185 for two weeks
  • $250 for two weeks with a Featured status

For Rent By Owner listings can be extended in 2-week increments.

All purchases are final and non-refundable.

I submitted my For Rent By Owner listing, why isn’t it on the site?

If you’re posting a FRBO listing on StreetEasy for the first time, or you’re advertising a new property, we require some form of documentation that you own the property. Copies of your lease, utility bills, or mortgage and tax statements are all acceptable forms of verification. As soon as your ownership is verified your listing will be approved and will expire two weeks from the date and time it is approved.

How long does it take for my For Rent By Owner listing to be approved?

It takes 1 to 2 business days from when your listing is submitted to be verified by StreetEasy. If additional verification is needed, we will reach out to you via email. The rental listing will run for 2 weeks from the time it is approved. The paid duration of your listing will start once your listing has been approved and is displayed on StreetEasy. Once your listing is approved, it will syndicate to Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads and Naked Apartments. 

Can I edit my For Rent By Owner listing after it has been activated on StreetEasy?

Yes, you can edit your listing at any time on your desktop by navigating to your 'Owner Tools' tab and clicking 'Edit' next to your listing. Once you have made the necessary changes to your listing you should ensure to click 'Save Changes' so that the updates are reflected on your listing. Owner Tools is not yet available on the app or through the mobile web browser. 

Can I put my listing For Rent By Owner listing on hold?

You can suspend your listing at any time by logging into your StreetEasy account clicking on 'Owner Tools' and 'Suspend'. When your listing is suspended it is taken off the market and will not appear on a search for active listings on the site. When you reactivate the listing it will go back on the market and the days remaining on your purchase will resume. Listings should be reactivated within 90 days of suspending or the listing will expire. 

How do I update my contact information or include my phone number on my listing?

To update your contact information or include your phone number in the contact box of your listing you will need to reach out to our Support Team. You can do so by submitting a request by clicking here: Submit a Request.

How Will I Receive My Listing Inquiries

Users/Agents have the ability to reach out to you by email or phone number. All email inquiries will go to the email address you have on file. Please ensure that you are checking your inbox and any additional folders you have as our emails might filter to different folders depending on your individual email settings. Sending yourself a test email using the contact box is highly encouraged! If you are not sure which email address you're using or if you want to include your phone number on your listing, please get in touch with our Support Team. You can do so by submitting a request by clicking here: Submit a Request.

I paid extra to feature my For Rent By Owner listing but I don’t see it featured

Since no two searches are alike the listings that appear as Featured on a search can vary greatly. If your listing doesn’t appear as the top two Featured results right away, it means there are more than two Featured listings that match your search criteria. If you refresh the page a few times you’ll notice that the featured listings have rotated and your listing will eventually be in that rotation.

Here's how you can check to see if your listing is being featured: How do I know my listing is being featured?

I do not want to provide my complete address and unit number. Can I still advertise my For Rent By Owner listing on StreetEasy?

No. StreetEasy requires the full legal address and legal unit number for all listings. At StreetEasy, data integrity and listings accuracy is of the utmost importance.

Can I advertise my For Rent By Owner unit at the same time as my brokerage or management company?

Duplicate listings are not allowed. If a real estate agent or management company is advertising your unit, your listing will not be approved. If you would like to remove the real estate agent or management company's listing in favor of your listing, please contact the StreetEasy Support Team.

Am I allowed to charge a broker fee for my For Rent By Owner listing?

Brokerage fees are not allowed for For Rent by Owner listings. All FRBO listings show as 'No Fee' on StreetEasy.


If you need additional assistance, please contact our Support Team.

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Why was my listing removed?

At StreetEasy, our partners are required to comply with all federal, state and local laws when advertising homes on our platform, including the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019. Given these new regulations, please review and ensure your listings are in compliance. Should we learn that a listing is out of compliance with any of our policies, we will investigate and take action to remove any illegal or otherwise prohibited content from the listing. Click for more info