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Agent Spotlight FAQs

What is Agent Spotlight?

Agent Spotlight is a new branding product that provides NYC listing agents with the option to have exclusive placement on sales listings they're advertising on StreetEasy.

Agent Spotlight is $999 per listing, paid in increments of $333 over three months. After three months, agents will continue to receive all the benefits of Agent Spotlight for the duration of their listing.

Who can buy Agent Spotlight?

Anyone who edits or adds listings directly to StreetEasy can purchase Agent Spotlight. This can be an agent or a source manager.

How do I purchase Agent Spotlight for an existing listing?

View your existing listing on StreetEasy, and you can purchase Agent Spotlight on the top of the listing page.

You can also purchase from the "Agent Tools" dropdown. Select “My Listings” to view all your active sales listings. Select “Edit” in the upper right-hand corner of the listing, and select “Add Agent Spotlight.”

How do I purchase Agent Spotlight for a new listing?

Create a new listing as usual, and you will be able to add Agent Spotlight on the last page of the listing entry form.

How can I cancel Agent Spotlight?

Please contact billing@streeteasy.com to cancel remaining months of Agent Spotlight at any time.

What happens when my listing goes off-market after I’ve purchased Agent Spotlight?

If your listing has gone off-market, you have a choice: You can continue your Agent Spotlight purchase for the remaining months to get exclusive placement and prominent branding as long as the listing is posted on StreetEasy or you can contact billing@streeteasy.com to cancel, but your branding will not appear with the listing.

What happens if I cancel Agent Spotlight for my listing and later want to re-purchase the same listing?

Your previous months will count towards the 3 months of payment you need to receive all benefits of Agent Spotlight while the listing is posted on StreetEasy.