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Direct Listing Entry with StreetEasy Agent Tools

Here at StreetEasy, our goal is to have the most timely and accurate set of listings for NYC buyers, renters and sellers. To make sure we’re efficiently delivering listings to our NYC market, StreetEasy  offers direct listing entry with Agent Tools. Agent Tools is also supported on our mobile app (iOS and Android), exclusively for real estate agents. 

See below for some Frequently Asked Questions about Agent Tools.  

Q: What is Agent Tools? 

StreetEasy Agent Tools offers a direct listing entry solution that provides agents with an upgraded experience that simplifies creating a listing on StreetEasy, and lets them quickly and accurately publish up. This means NYC renters and buyers see new listings and changes in nearly real-time on StreetEasy. Specifically, Agent Tools provides agents with: 

  • A simplified listing entry process with tabs that help agents track their progress along the way.  
  • Amenity fields that allow for agents to provide more detail about listings including types of views, fireplace (wood, decorative, or gas), hardwood floors, wheelchair accessible & roof rights, and rental concessions. 
  • Ability to create, edit and delete open houses in real-time on StreetEasy 
  • Online chat support 7 days a week

Q: Who has access to Agent Tools and the dedicated agent app? 

All brokerages wishing to advertise sale and rental listings on StreetEasy must use Agent Tools to publish the listings.  StreetEasy is no longer supporting feeds. We are working with all brokerages that currently send listings to us in a feed, to transition them to direct entry with Agent Tools.  We are here to offer support and training during this transition.  

Once transitioned to Agent Tools all agents will get access to download the StreetEasy Agent Tools App on iOS or Android and start managing their listings on StreetEasy in real time.

 Q: If I am using a Feed, how long before I have to transition to direct listing entry with Agent Tools? 

Starting in November 2019, the transition will happen over the next several months. Our teams will be working closely with brokerages to ensure a smooth transition, in addition to providing dedicated resources and training for agents.  We will be reaching out to our key contact of record for each brokerage directly to schedule the date of change and will then confirm this in an email to all agents. If you would like to confirm who our contact of record is, please email support@streeteasy.com or live chat with us from your StreetEasy account.  

Q: Is there an added cost?

There is no cost to use Agent Tools.  It’s free!

Q: Who can I contact to get more information about Agent Tools?

To see Agent Tools first-hand and get a better understanding of how you can use it to create and edit listings, you can watch these short videos:  



For additional questions please email us at support@streeteasy.com or live chat with us from your StreetEasy account.

Q: Will there be any impact on my existing listings when I move from a Feed to Agent Tools? 

Existing listings remain as they are and can continue to be modified as needed. The only impact for existing listings is that agents can see the new listing entry software when making new edits. Agent can also edit existing listings once they’ve downloaded and logged-in to the new StreetEasy Agent Tools app. 


Still have questions? We’re here to help! Email us at support@streeteasy.com or visit our Agent Resource Center for additional materials.