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What is the StreetEasy Experts Program? FAQ

StreetEasy Experts is a new agent advertising program that helps NYC buyers find and connect with agents who have relevant experience in buildings/properties where they’re already searching.

How does the program work?

Qualifying agents will be displayed on both building and listing detail pages associated with buildings where they have recent sell side and buy side deal experience. Potential buyers and sellers will see an agent’s photo, contact information, and deal experience and have the opportunity to select an agent to contact.

Why did StreetEasy launch Experts? 

Experts is the latest evolution of Building Experts. This new program was informed by years of feedback on the existing program, and a successful pilot that StreetEasy ran earlier this year. 

Can I become an Expert right now?

Before agents can participate in Experts, their brokerage will need to have signed a brokerage-level agreement with StreetEasy. Agents will then need to qualify for a specific building based on their last 5 years of completed sales deals and any active listings. The initial launch of Experts on September 19  is limited to previous Building Experts who are familiar with fielding these types of connections on StreetEasy. StreetEasy will expand the program further in October. 

If you are interested in learning more, reach out to experts@streeteasy.com

How do I qualify for this program once it expands?

Once an agent’s brokerage has signed a brokerage-level agreement with StreetEasy, agents will then need to qualify for a specific building based on their last 5 years of completed sales deals and any active listings. In order to make sure deal experience can be verified, agents must claim their deals on StreetEasy. 

How do I claim my deals on StreetEasy? 

  1. Log in to your StreetEasy agent account
  2. Locate the building page of the listing in question
  3. Navigate to the Past Sales tab
  4. Select “Claim” to access the closing page

Please note that if you don’t see “Claim” or “Recorded Closing” it means that we haven’t yet received the closing record from ACRIS (NY Department of Finance). 

Does it cost money? 

With Experts, agents only pay if the buyer they connected with on StreetEasy successfully closes on a home. Our success is tied to agents’ success. 

How does the success fee work?

Through StreetEasy Experts, agents work with each client to a successful close, providing us with brief status updates along the way. Once an agent closes a transaction with a buyer, the brokerage will make payment of a success fee on the agent’s behalf to StreetEasy.

Agents who are strong converters and provide a superior customer experience will, over time, be eligible to receive more connections through the program, while agents who do not work with the connections we deliver or update us on their progress risk being placed on hold from the program.

How is this different from Building Experts? 

This is the next evolution of Building Experts. Through research and testing we know buyers want to be connected with a knowledgeable agent, and we offered building experts to folks who visited a particular building’s page. Now, we’re expanding that across StreetEasy, so an agent can advertise themselves as an expert on a specific listing. StreetEasy is also introducing a success fee model so that the program only costs money when a transaction closes. 

How is this different from Premier Agent? 

Experts is a program for experienced agents on StreetEasy who want to work with home shoppers in specific buildings where they have previous experience. There will be no upfront charge for connections to StreetEasy home shoppers. Instead, StreetEasy will charge an industry standard Success Fee (i.e., a referral fee) only when they have closed a successful transaction.