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Agent Tools Direct Listing Entry FAQ

Agent Tools direct listing entry.  Frequently Asked Questions:


I heard StreetEasy is no longer accepting listing feeds, is that true? 

Yes, but not immediately. StreetEasy hasbeen successfully transitioning brokerages over to direct entry since mid-year. Over the next several months, the team will be working closely with remaining brokerages who send listings through a feed to transition them to direct entry.  


Why is StreetEasy making this change? 

Ultimately, data integrity is our foundation and at the core of why customers turn to and trust StreetEasy. We’re choosing to focus on new technology that delivers customers information they can continue to trust, while also offering agents better ways to move listings and grow their business.

While this is a step towards providing a streamlined point of entry, we realize it may not work for every brokerage. We want to keep an open dialogue about the challenges you’re having — we’re listening to make this the best tool possible.

We have reached out to the key contact we have on file for your brokerage and will be offering assistance to ensure a successful transition. You will receive a notification from StreetEasy when your brokerage has scheduled a date to switch to Agent Tools.

In the meantime, you can review more information about Agent Tools in this section of our Help Center.


What do agents get by using Agent Tools? What are the features?  What are the benefits to agents?

Agent Tools is a listing entry platform and dedicated app, designed with agents in mind. You get 24/7 access to tools that give you 100% control over your StreetEasy listings.

You will also get access to exclusive features and products, with more to come in the next year.  Agent Spotlight is a great example. A product that expands your presence on sales listings and lets potential buyers reach you directly.


When will this take place? 

The transition will take place over the coming months and we will  liaise with your leadership team to agree on a date. We are here to provide dedicated resources and training materials to ensure this is successful for you and your brokerage.Once a date is scheduled by your brokerage, you will receive email confirmation from StreetEasy.  


How much does it cost? 

There is no cost to use Agent Tools.  Agents will gain access to exclusive features and optional paid products via Agent Tools, including Featured Listings, Experts and Agent Spotlight. Note there is a daily fee for each rental listing advertised on StreetEasy. 


How will my listings get to Zillow? 

Transitioning to Agent Tools will not change how listings are shared with Zillow Group sites.  Once published on StreetEasy, sales listings are automatically shared across Zillow Group’s consumer brands (Zillow and Trulia). Rental listings are shared with Zillow, Trulia, Hot Pads and Naked Apartments.  To publish rental listing on StreetEasy, agents must opt-in to the NYC Rental Network and there is a daily fee for each rental listing advertised.  


Is Zillow (or any Zillow Groupbrand) planning to stop accepting feeds? 

There are no changes to how other Zillow Group brands receive listings. 


What’s wrong with feeds?

Our aim is to provide one simple platform for direct entry, that has the most sophisticated technology on the market.  Our experience of listing data feeds is that they are, at times, unreliable and the path to resolving issues time-consuming and frustrating for all involved.

We want to continue to deliver trusted information, best-in-class technology and guarantee better data integrity.  We can do this with Agent Tools and you have our commitment that we will continue to invest and innovate, with your needs, and the experience of consumers, at the forefront of our efforts. 


How will listings reach non-Zillow Group platforms? 

Using Agent Tools, Brokerages will be able to unlock their own listing data and control where it’s accessible.   

While we believe that this is a step in the right direction of providing a streamlined point of entry, we realize it may not work for every brokerage.

We’re excited to offer this new opportunity and full details will be shared with any brokerage expressing interest.


I still have questions.  Where can I get help? 

There is more information about Agent Tools in this section of our Help Center which you may find useful.

If you are from the leadership team in your brokerage, and would like to schedule a call to discuss your transition to Agent Tools direct entry, please email support@streeteasy.com.

If you are an agent from a brokerage and you would like confirmation of when your brokerage will transition to Agent Tools, please reach out to your brokerage leadership team for more information.