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StreetEasy Experts: Connection Status Definitions

We've created the following list to help you keep an accurate log of your connections. Take some time to familiarize with the statuses below, so you know when and how to update your connections as an Experts agent.



New Connection

New connection, not yet in communication

In Communication

Engaged in active dialogue with the client

Appointment Set

Confirmed a time to meet the client

Showing Homes

Met with client to show a property

Submitting Offers

Preparing or submitted at least one offer

In Contract

Offer accepted and contract counter-signed

Sales Closed

Closing complete

Seller’s Exclusive Listing

Signed an exclusive listing agreement with the client


Not ready to move forward on a purchase within the next 6 months


7 days without a response from the client


Client isn't interested in working together

Existing Connection

Prior client, not delivered by Experts program

Rental Inquiry

Contacted about a rental listing

Agent Inquiry

Contacted by another agent

Flag as Spam

Unwanted call or email