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StreetEasy Experts: Sign-up Guide

Interested in becoming a StreetEasy Expert? Below you'll find a helpful sign-up guide. 


Step 1: Determine if your brokerage has signed up

Your brokerage will need to sign up for StreetEasy Experts before your account will become eligible. If your brokerage has yet to sign up, you will see the below message in the Experts dashboard: 



Step 2: Put your decision-maker in touch with our Industry Relations team

If your brokerage is interested in signing up, the decision-makers in your organization (brokerage leadership/principal broker) should get in touch with our Industry Relations team. To do so, they can click the “I'm interested” button or reach out to experts@streeteasy.com


Step 3: Verify your account is ready to sign up

Once your brokerage has signed up, you’ll be able to sign a contract and start receiving highly targeted leads. If you’re eligible to sign up, you’ll see the below message in your Expert dashboard: 



Step 4: Request contract 

You can request a contract by clicking the “Learn More” button in your Experts dashboard. Or reach out to experts@streeteast.com.


Step 5: Receive contract

Your Experts contract will be delivered to your inbox via DocuSign. 


Step 6: How long will it take

Once you’ve electronically signed and submitted your contract, it can take up to 24 hours to activate.  


Step 7: Understanding the tools

Once you’re active in the Experts program, please review these Help Center articles. They’ll offer guidance on using tools, including My Buildings, Contacts Page, Eligibility, Claim Deals and Billing. 


Have a question? Submit a request to our support team by clicking here.