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StreetEasy Experts: My Buildings

Your eligible buildings will appear on your account once you have signed your agent contract and StreetEasy has enabled your account. 


Below are some frequently asked questions and a helpful video about the ‘My Buildings’ tool:


How is this impacted by eligibility?

The only buildings that will appear in the ‘My Buildings’ tab will be those you are eligible for. To understand eligibility requirements, please review this Help Center article.  


What if I don’t want to receive leads on an eligible building?

The toggle button allows you to opt into or out of appearing on that building. At first, you will automatically be opted into all buildings where you’re eligible, but if you’d rather not work a specific building, toggle off the switch for that property. 




Is there a way to pause my leads?

You can pause leads per building, by toggling the button off. When you’re ready to start receiving leads on the building again, just toggle it back on. 


What’s Deal History?

Deal History is the number of deals you’ve completed in the building. 


What are Active Listings?

Active Listings are the number of current (active) listings in the building and, therefore, the number of listings you’re eligible to receive an Experts lead on.