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FAQ: Listings Shared By

What is changing? 

StreetEasy is adding yet another reason to invest in StreetEasy PRO. The offering that brings agents perks like an enhanced profile, discounts on featured listings and exclusive marketing opportunities just got more valuable with the introduction of “Listing Shared By.” 

What is Listing Shared By?

“Listing Shared By” is a new feature that allows agents to easily maintain existing client relationships and nurture new ones by sharing sales listings directly, through the StreetEasy platform. 

Why would agents want that? 

This ensures agents can retain and nurture their relationships with potential customers when they share sales listings directly on StreetEasy. 

How does it work?

When a PRO agent is logged into StreetEasy, and uses the share feature to send a listing to a client, the client will see their agent’s contact info in the  "Listing Shared By" contact box of each listing shared this way. 

Does the agent see a different Share experience?

Yes, the agent will now see a field for “Client Email” rather than “Friend’s Email” and a notification that explains they’ll be sharing a custom link that gives them exclusive marketing on the listing. 

Which agents will have access to this feature?

NYC Agents who enter listing directly to StreetEasy and pay for PRO will have access to this feature. 

Are there any limitations? 

To use the “Listing Shared By” feature, agents must be logged in with a PRO account. This feature is only available in New York (not New Jersey) and only on sales listings (not rentals). 

When will this be live? 

Starting February 17, agents with a PRO account will be able to log in and share listings to buyers and be featured in the contact box when their potential clients view the listing on StreetEasy.

Does this override Premier Agent and Experts?

Yes.  Much like the “My Agent” feature, this feature is meant to be used after a client relationship is established, so it will override products like Premier Agent, Agent Spotlight and StreetEasy Experts. It will not override My Agent. 

Why add this feature? 

If an agent is sharing a listing with a client, they have already made a connection with them and we want to ensure they’re able to nurture that relationship. 

If a consumer browses on their own, will they see the agent’s exclusive marketing information that sent them a custom link through share?

No. if their client visits the sales listing while browsing StreetEasy on their own, they’ll see different marketing. 

Does this link expire?