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What are Co-op Rules?

Co-ops usually have a few more rules than Condos. At StreetEasy we've started to collect and display these rules on our Co-op buildings and Co-op listings. The rules we track include:

  • Liberal Sublet Policy: Co-op buildings that have a sublet policy that allows unlimited rentals after 2 or less years of living in the apartment.
  • Guarantors Allowed: Co-op buildings that allow guarantors to be responsible for unpaid charges.
  • Co-purchase Allowed: Co-op buildings that allow multiple buyers where one buyer will never occupy the apartment.
  • Gifts Allowed: Co-op buildings that allow gifts to be used to pay for the cost of the apartment.
  • Parents Buying: Co-op buildings that allow parents to buy apartments for children in the child’s name.
  • Pied-A-Terres: Co-op buildings that allow owners to live in the unit part-time.

You should always confirm these rules with your lawyer prior to buying. If you find that we have an error, please email us to let us know.