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What are Co-op Rules?

Co-ops usually have a few more rules than Condos. At StreetEasy we've started to collect and display these rules on our Co-op buildings and Co-op listings. The rules we track include:

  • Liberal Sublet Policy: Co-op buildings that have a sublet policy that allows unlimited rentals after 2 or less years of living in the apartment.
  • Guarantors Allowed: Co-op buildings that allow guarantors to be responsible for unpaid charges.
  • Co-purchase Allowed: Co-op buildings that allow multiple buyers where one buyer will never occupy the apartment.
  • Gifts Allowed: Co-op buildings that allow gifts to be used to pay for the cost of the apartment.
  • Parents Buying: Co-op buildings that allow parents to buy apartments for children in the child’s name.
  • Pied-A-Terres: Co-op buildings that allow owners to live in the unit part-time.

You should always confirm these rules with your lawyer prior to buying. If you find that we have an error, please email us to let us know.

If you have any general questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@streeteasy.com.