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How do I add a closing price?

We get actual closing prices from the sales that get recorded with the NYC Department of Finance. We receive a syndicated data feed from them every single day. StreetEasy does not change or calculate any final sales price. The sale information that we are displaying is data that we directly receive from ACRIS and is part of public record. Additionally, you can also perform a manual search via the city’s ACRIS website.

If you don’t see a closing price next to a listing, it generally means one of the following:
1. The listing was sold but the sale was not yet recorded with the Department of Finance, from which we get the closing data
2. The listing was marked as sold by the broker but really never sold
3. The listing was taken off the market and was de-listed
4. The listing is no longer available from this particular agent but may be available from a different agent/brokerage

If there is an error, it is an error that was filed with the City and therefore any corrections must be filed there. When the sale gets recorded with the City, we show it within 24 hours. However, how soon a sale gets recorded, depends on the seller’s attorneys. The City requires that sales get recorded within 15 days of the closing but we have seen sales get recorded years later. However, most sales get recorded within 2-8 weeks of the closing.

If you have any general questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@streeteasy.com. We are also available to Real Estate Professionals over chat from 9:00-4:00. Please be sure you are logged into your Agent account and maneuver to any web page in 'Agent Tools'.